10 Ways to Make Her Happy

Remember the old adage “if she’s not happy, he’s not happy.” As in all such sayings, there’s a kernel of truth in this one. When my son was a young boy, I taught him how to master the art of intimacy. I told him that if he learned this, he would live a happy life. Because life is all ... Read More

10 Tips for a Happy Holiday Reunion

We are entering into the holiday season once again, with the first holiday on the horizon, Thanksgiving. This is my favorite holiday, because it reminds me that gratitude is the most important ingredient for a happy family reunion. Each family member carries something that is unique and relevant ... Read More

How to Handle Challenging Guests at the Holiday Dinner Table

The holidays are just around the corner…and so, too, are those few holiday guests who always seem to get under your skin. While we each have our own unique family dynamics, there are a few common classic personalities that many of us may face each holiday season. Here’s how to deal with them in ... Read More

Make the Most of Thanksgiving Break with Your College Freshman

First and most importantly: enjoy your holiday! You haven’t seen your child for several months, since she left for her Freshman year of college. During that time, she has been completely independent, on her assent towards adulthood. You’ve trusted that you have instilled within her your ... Read More

Why Putting Your Holiday Decorations Up Early is Good for Mental Health

At lunch, the other day, one of my friends brought up the subject of decorating for the holidays early. And, immediately I felt my body relax as my thoughts drifted back to the happy memories of childhood celebrations.  My friend was smiling as well, reminding me of how much fun decorating for the ... Read More