Explaining Exhibitionism

We’ve all become too accustomed recently to the on-going stories of exhibitionism. In the 1970s, some of you may remember the man who stripped naked and ran across the football field... a behavior humorously referred to, at that time, as streaking. Or, perhaps you recall the story of a ... Read More

A Womb With a View, Part 2

We continue exploring your baby’s world in the womb by considering the research of Dr. Patricia Kohl, from Seattle. Her work tells us that your baby begins to learn language as early as four months in utero. Kohl’s studies show that immediately after birth, your baby will responds to your voice ... Read More

A Womb with a View, Part 1

It is a common misconception to believe that your baby grows in the womb in a neutral state of unconsciousness. Today, because of technology, you can now see your baby as he interacts with his inner and outer world. Mothers have long recognized that their baby is learning and actively responding, ... Read More

10 Tips for Managing Sibling Rivalry

Ahh siblings. Your sisters and brothers may be your first friends...and your first enemies. Sibling rivalry is so powerful that it may even affect the roles that we take in a family, and the careers we choose for ourselves in the adult world. For example, due to competition with our siblings, what ... Read More

Meaningful Gifts for Children This Holiday Season

Between the nonstop television commercials, the sales flyers, and the email blasts, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the focus on consumerism all around us during the holidays. However, the holidays don’t have to drain your wallet to be a success. In fact, when it comes to your children, some ... Read More