10 Ways to Make Him Happy

10 ways to make him happy

When I was a young teacher, I had an older colleague who was a guidance counselor. And since I was newly married, one day, she sat me down and gave me some sage advice. She said, “never have secrets from your husband. Always tell him everything first so that no one can ever tell him anything… ... Read More

10 Ways to Make Her Happy

Make her happy

Remember the old adage ”if she’s not happy, he’s not happy.” As in all such sayings, there’s a kernel of truth in this one. When my son was a young boy, I taught him how to master the art of intimacy. I told him that if he learned this, he would live a happy life. Because life is all ... Read More

7 Simple Tips for a Happy, Healthy Relationship

relationship 12-5-19

1) Try something new together. Be creative and find new and interesting things to do together. Though it takes a little energy, the rewards are worth it. Preferably choose something that neither of you have ever tried. This adds to the relationship, the fun of exploring new things together. These ... Read More

Five Ways to Revitalize Your Relationship

5 Ways to Revitalize Your Relationship

Feeling stuck in a rut with your relationship? Love your partner but miss that ol’ spark you used to have between you two? You’re never too old and, if you still love each other, it’s rarely too late to jump-start that spark in your hearts. Here are five simple ideas that you can do with ... Read More

How to Handle Challenging Guests at the Holiday Dinner Table


The holidays are just around the corner…and so, too, are those few holiday guests who always seem to get under your skin. While we each have our own unique family dynamics, there are a few common classic personalities that many of us may face each holiday season. Here’s how to deal with them in ... Read More