Endorsements of Dr. Gail Gross


“Dr. Gail Gross is a genius of the heart and soul as well as the brain.  Listen and learn.”

Dean Ornish, M.D
Founder and President, Preventative Medicine Research Institute
Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

“Gail Gross, Ph. D. brings to her understanding of education, many years of experience, substantive research in the field, and a psychodynamic understanding of the learning process and its various impediments.”

James Hollis, Ph. D.
Jungian analyst

“At some point, Dr. Gail Gross decided to use her life experiences, to expand consciousness, and to deepen soul.  This has led to a PhD. in education, and a PhD. in psychology (Jungian Studies).  She now is a significant voice in the conversation  about a psycho/spiritual  world view, one of the most significant conversations in the 21st Century.”

J. Pittman McGehee – Jungian Analyst.

“Dr. Gail Gross is a strong voice and dedicated advocate for the children of our nation. She is a wise, compassionate educator whose focus is on solutions… not just problems. Dr. Gross brings great energy and insight to her work in addressing the educational challenges facing our country. She is a skilled communicator with a passion for reaching out to others that is evident in the problems she has solved and the lives she has touched.”

Dr. Rod Paige United States Secretary of Education

“Dr. Gail Gross has a unique combination of intellect, sensitivity and personality that make her a great guest and resource. She is always engaging, thought-provoking and fascinating.”

Nancy Glass, Broadcaster

“I believe real healing takes place through reaching people through their hearts. I have worked with Dr. Gail Gross in interfaith medicine and psychiatry and on a wide variety of radio shows; she is reaching people through their hearts. Dr. Gross knows the issues and presents them well. Her greatest gift is her empathic response to the audience.”

Dr. Rama Pammarajou Rao, M.D.
Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama College of Medicine
Staff Physician at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama

“Dr. Gail Gross’s radio show is intelligent, inspiring, lots of fun and guaranteed to expand both the mind and the heart.”

Diane V Cirinciony, Ph.D.
Jerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.

“The thing that sets Dr. Gail Gross apart is her tremendous capacity for intimacy. Talking with her is like sharing time with a longtime friend. It’s a quality that listeners can feel from the moment they tune into her show. It’s one thing to know your stuff, and quite another to be able to make that knowledge accessible. Gail Gross does both, easily and with great charm.”

Arianna Huffington
Author and Syndicated Columnist